Watch: Leaked footage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s courtroom testimony in tax evasion case

Watch: Leaked footage of Cristiano Ronaldo’s courtroom testimony in tax evasion case

A Portuguese media publication leaked a video of the Real Madrid superstar making his case in court.

The testimony shows a frustrated Ronaldo angry about being forced to be in a courtroom and complain about how he “never had any problems in England”. He then goes on to say, “So, that’s why I…no, I won’t say it…that I’d like to return to England”.

The 32-year-old defended his innocence throughout the footage, even stating, “I have no idea why I’m here”. He became emotional towards the end of the video, stating, “Look at me in the eyes. I never ever hid anything. I’ve never experienced this in my life”, while making it clear that he felt that he was being singled out for being famous.


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