When FIFA gets started, the Airlines are always jam packed with air tickets costing a bomb, the hotels are over booked and the revenue of the hosting nation increases dramatically.

Such is the crazy fanfare of this football tournament where the tournament is either watched or attended by millions of people across the world.

FIFA is a global event which was started way back in 1930 and it has been played even till now.

Only in the year of 1942 and 1946 there was no FIFA tournament conducted due to the second world war.

FIFA world cup is one of the best and prestigious tournaments in the world. FIFA is not a football tournament it’s a festival. Millions of people from around the world come to witness this mega event.

For no doubt, it has been the no.1 tournament in the world. Each and every little football aspirant dreams to play in this tournament. Different nations from different continents gather at this megatron event to play for that prestigious title.

While Brazil is the most successful team in the world, the current champs of this FIFA world cup is  Germany who clinched this divine title for the fourth time.

The next FIFA tournament will be held in Russia in the year of 2018 and all we can expect is increase in the craziness for this mega event.

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