4. Diego Simeone

From one Argentinian manager to another, Diego Simeone is one of the most important figures in Atletico Madrid’s footballing history. One might wonder how is it possible to possess extreme defensive stability without parking the bus and looking boring. This is exactly what Atletico has achieved under Simeone. Since his arrival in 2011, he has taken the club to a whole new level, as his side won the league in 2014 and reached the final of the UCL in 2014 and 16. What makes this achievement even more special is that Atletico have never had enough money to match the continent’s elite. Using the limited resources at his disposal, Simeone has masterminded the club’s recent achievements. While many hate the physicality of his side, Simeone is one shrewd tactician with incredible game reading ability. One can always expect a solid defensive show from his team. Simeone also studies every opponent perfectly and sets up an Atletico side, most likely to exploit its weaknesses. Recently many of his players have stated that the main reason for their continued stay at Atletico is the manager and rightly so.

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