Signings That Define Real Madrid’s History

Signings That Define Real Madrid’s History

Real Madrid is a huge club. It has a rich trophy-laden history behind it. But this has only happened because over the years, some incredible players have represented it. Madrid is one club that is known for spending big and taking risks. Some of the signings it makes don’t fit in but when one clicks, wins start rolling in and everything looks perfect. Here are 5 such shrewd signings who etched their name in Real Madrid’s history and took the club to the next level.

5. Zinedine Zidane

Widely regarded as one of the best attacking midfielders ever, Zidane arrived at Spain’s capital city in 2001. He was already one among the world’s elite before arriving in Madrid, having won the Ballon D’or twice in 1998 and 2000. And once he found his mojo at the club, he took his and Madrid’s game to a whole new level. Frequently described as a player who could create something out of nothing, Zidane won the 2002 UCL and the 02-03 La Liga with the club. His match winning volley in that CL final is still remembered as one the tournament’s finest yet. He spent only 5 seasons with Real Madrid and of those, the fans have only fond memories. But he wasn’t done yet. Zizou returned to the club in 2014, to manage the Madrid B side and in 2016, got promoted to manage the A side. He won the UCL in his first season incharge and Madrid look set to mount a serious domestic title challenge this season. Hard to leave out such a man’s name from this list.



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