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The New Premier League Rules Of This Season Not Many Are Aware Of



Triple punishment axed:

Players no longer would be sent off and banished for games if they deny a clear goal scoring opportunity. The referee will still award a penalty and a yellow card to the culprit will be given.

This has stirred many questions and few of them believe this will limit the needless dives and jumps that forwards use to attract the referee’s attention.

Pre-match red cards:

Referees can now send off player even before commencing the game if any kind of brawls or fallouts happens inside the tunnel or dugout. The famous Keane and Vieira incident would have seen both of them send off even before they took the field.

Feinting before taking a spot-kick:

No superficial trickeries or feinting would be allowed after advancing for the spot-kick. Stuttering run-ups are still allowed.


It is also seen in Euro 2016 this year that one player can kick off the play. The ball should only move rather than going into the opposition half. This is a pretty insignificant change and has no direct effect on the game.


Coaches or assistants hindering the run of play would result in a penalty or free kick to the opposition side. This is to maintain the fair play which has been below par in many feisty matches.

Injuries treated on the pitch:

A nasty bookable offense often leaves the victim in dire pain and the player is carried outside to being treated. This is no longer necessary with the introduction of the new rules.

Players will receive treatment on the pitch and the time lost will be adjusted by the Referee. However, it is intriguing to see how will this rule fare when the injury is gruesome and will take the time to heal.

Boot checks:

Boot checking was only limited to the Referee but with the new rules in play, Assistants will check the boots without putting a temporary stop on the game. This will accelerate the proceedings.

Watch your mouth:

Referees have the luxury of booking or send off players who chatter back or abuse the referee or his assistants. It is a needed measure as players who are rebuked for a nasty foul often insult the refs without getting punished.

Handball leniency:

Perhaps, an absurd measure taken this rule will mean that a player who deliberately stops the play with his hand. However, if there is a goal scoring chance and the player uses his arm then they can be booked.

This has received deserved criticism from all around the Football world.

Ball Movement:

Any dead ball situation could go against the referee if the ball is not moving significantly and a player starts dribbling.

The color of undergarment:

The color of the undergarment should be same with the color of the shorts or the lowest part of it for shorts which are bi-colored or multi-colored.

Offside tweaks:

One of the most important aspects of football is the offside decision. Offside will only be called if the player’s body part with which he is capable of scoring crosses the midway line rather than the player’s whole body itself.

Free-kicks awarded against an offside call needs to be taken where the foul was actually committed.

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