1. Man United 1-6 Manchester City, 23rd October 2011:

This is probably one of the most prestigious and heavy losses Man United has suffered ever against their neighbours’ City. ‘The noisy neighbours’, as quoted by Sir Alex, were doing much more than making noise. David Silva’s footwork just fuelled up the play more where just in the opening minutes, Mario Balotelli opened the book with the famous shirt reveal, ‘Why Always Me?’, followed by Johnny Evans being sent off, which made the reds more vulnerable. Balotelli doubled his tally followed by Fletcher getting one back for United, and then Aguero. Edin Dzeko was substituted for Mario where he scored a sublime goal, and later on Silva putting his name on the list which he deserved. Dzeko again put one in the back of the nets in ‘Fergie time’ with a low left-footed effort.

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