5. The Gamble


There’s a reason Messi hasn’t had international success, Argentina’s downfall is their attacking prowess. Messi is no doubt incredibly gifted but there’s also the fact Barcelona is his team. What we’ve been witnessing is a gamble that paid off. Realizing his potential was virtually unlimited Barca have built around Messi overtime and it’s paid off maybe even better than they had hoped. The best evidence I can give to support this is simple: Zlatan. Barcelona bought a striker, a very good one as Ibrahimovic will tell you himself, but one day Messi requested to play in the middle. He got what he wanted and Ibra soon left. Because he is Barcelona. It’s that simple. The rules are different for the national side. Barcelona have Messi, Suarez and Neymar, one of the best attacks of all time, but both Suarez and Neymar know who the main man is. If they feel otherwise, there’s other candidates for their role, Barcelona won’t miss them. It just can’t be done in the national team, Argentina can’t pick the best team for one player, they can’t pick Messi’s XI, they don’t have the pick of the World’s best to suit Messi, who are also expendable. Although with that said, Argentina still have an incredible list of individual talents, however without Messi being a focus, it has looked at times, that he feels overshadowed, which never happens at Barca. Because it’s not allowed to.

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