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5 Reasons Why Being England’s Manager Is The Most Difficult Job On This Planet?




England’s football comprises of media exposure, and over hyping of players, their statistics, judgment on the basis of a few matches is what makes English football way more over hyped than it is. A sublime goal, and the player is often resembled to a genius who once scored one of the same kind, and that’s nothing new for English football. Comparisons of Wilshire to Xavi, Walcott to Messi, are just one of the kinds.

England has always been average when it comes to squad line-ups, with their over eccentric monologues, they seem to say more than what they actually do.
The era of Gerrard, Lampard, and Beckham is long gone and so is the constructive class of English football.

2:  MEDIA:

In the world of hedonism for the media, where they crown you the emperor the very time you burst out your mettle, but points the muzzle at you the very moment you fail to meet the expectation put by the atrocious people with cameras and MiC’s in front of your face. Each and every word spoken is restructured for gossip, untrue stories whether it is on or off the pitch or even inside the dressing room.  A club manager however gets to hold a weekly press conference, the one of the national team does not.
Whatever the answer maybe, it’s going to make a controversy anyways, for every question asked.


The FA focuses more on the propaganda and marketing of the EPL, due to which the needs for the national team remain unfed.

With more of their sight on viewers and demands of TV broadcasts, the premier league is based more on that which forbids it from having it a winter break unlike other popular leagues. Even the time limit between 2 scheduled matches can be as less as 48 hours.

Leading English club managers have pointed fingers at the organisation.
With lack of protection for the talented youths who are called in the first team without any re-assessment, which leads to a lack of experience that costs them their youth level tournaments, which ultimately push them to the brink just for a senior international friendly.


As they say, those who wrangle amongst themselves have hard time to see the glory.
That’s what is exactly happening in the premier league.
With so much of money in circulation, very few clubs actually care about the talent of the upcoming English youth, where the fat stacks of cash are paid for foreign powers like Diego Costa or Paul Pogba, not much effort is made for the upbringing of more English talents.
Homemade heroes isn’t a term English football is used to. Not since the last Gerrard or Lampard has played.
With players like Sterling, Wilshere and J.Henderson are paid a high wage to ensure their place in the league, the only thing English football focuses on is more of domestic success.


Whenever the England national team gets on the pitch, the burden and pressure of their forefathers wearing the same jerseys haunt them.
With just one FIFA World Cup n 1966, the drought of a major international success still wanders around the three lions.
Getting on the nerves of an English player is something too easy everyone has noticed. Instead of keeping themselves calm and getting over their fear of embarrassment and failure, they put more pressure on themselves that result in a disappointment.

To quench their thirst for a major silverware, or just to win a simple penalty shootout, first they need to battle themselves.
The success on the pitch follows along.


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